Game Value: Remastered?

Hey all, this is Demonik Drone (Miguel) from and I want to start many different discussions with the gaming community. We have had discussions with the drones (myself, Deuce Drone and Prodigy drone) through our podcasts and it’d be nice to start community discussions. This is my intention with this blog. To get us more interaction with those checking out our content.

A little about myself for those that have not had the opportunity to listen to our podcasts, or, like myself, listening to podcasts aren’t their “thing”. I’m a 26 year old gamer from northern Arizona, who enjoys entering new worlds and seeing interactive stories through videogames. I’m a single Hispanic male, who just likes to enjoy what the world of gaming has to offer and the stories that I get to experience first hand. My favorite games are shooters, action games, and pretty much any single player game with amazing, engaging stories.

For this first blog, I wanted to kind of rant on the topic of remastered video games. There have been a TON of these games coming out on this current gen of consoles. There have, up to date, been so many AAA games that have come to this gen with remastered versions. I tried to get a list of all the games with minimal success. All my searches turned up with either all games from 2016 or a “top” list of remasters, so I will not list them all, but will talk about some specifically. For those that do not follow console drones, or know who we are, we mainly discuss games that are on consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo). I realize there is a HUGE PC community, and although we discuss console games, we would like to be able to get the PC community involved with our discussions as well. I also realize that there are a ton more “remastered” games on the PC platform (And a much larger library as well) so for the sake of simplicity let’s keep this blog to games that are released on consoles.

So, Remastered games. There have been so many remasters since the release of the Xbox One and Playstation 4. I don’t think a console gen has had nearly as many remasters as this current gen. With such huge titles getting remastered, such as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V, Batman: Return to Arkham, The Last of Us, and Gears of War Ultimate edition (to name a few), is there room for games that we’ve already had the chance to enjoy in the past to join our constantly growing video game libraries? Personally, I find myself constantly having new games and new REMASTERED games on my radar. Is there enough time in the day to play these new games AND replay these remastered games? With so many remasters coming out, what are the best things to look for in a remaster, and how do you chose which ones you’ll add to your library? There have been countless times I’ve told myself I should replay a game that is 2 gens past but I never get around to it. I want to go back to my PS2 and play these old games that I loved so much. Do remasters offer these opportunities or do they just end up being played for a short time before you remember “I’ve already played this. I’m going to go play something new.” and it ends up just collecting dust.

For me, a majority of these are mixed and it really depends on the title. The following is a list of a few remastered games that I’ve purchased or plan on purchasing and what category they have fallen into:

Gears of war ultimate edition: I have been a huge fan of the gears of war storyline since it was first released on the xbox 360. There have been some high points and disappointing points in this game. The stories of 1-3 were so well told and it was such a fun story to play through for me. I’ve gone back every time a new gears of war game has been released and played its predecessors before playing the new release. Because of this I bought the remaster. I loved the remaster. It was so awesome to replay this game with improved graphics and for this game there was also some new content added to the story. I played this game in its entirety and enjoyed every second of itgears-blog-1

The Last of Us Remastered: I purchased this remastered edition the day It came out on Playstation 4. I enjoyed the original game on PS3 and loved the story this game told as well. However, unlike the previous game on this list it quickly lost my interest the second time around. Around 1/4 of the way through the game I lost all interest and even though it was release a few years ago I have not gone back to it even though it is still in my collection. Maybe it was the short time gap between the original and the “remaster”. Or maybe not…. In the end this game ended up just collecting dust for me.the-last-of-us-blog-1

Grand Theft Auto V: So, this was a HUGE game on the 360 and ps3. I enjoyed the hell out of the multiplayer. On the previous gen, I played the story mode someway through, but mainly found myself online with Deuce and Prodigy roaming Los Santos endlessly for hours at a time. When this game came out on Xbox one and PS4 I HAD to get it. Unlike the last of us. This game never became old (even with a short gap between releases) and I still go back to it from time to time. Grand Theft Auto remastered offered a ton of new things. The biggest at first had to be the option for 1st person gameplay. After getting the remaster on the Xbox one I actually did go back to the story and this time I completed it. Rockstar games continues to produce FREE content for this game and I think this is what has made me keep coming back to this game. Moving this game to the next gen from the previous gen was a great move, even though the last gen’s release was a short time before this current gen’s. If it wasn’t for a remastered Xbox one/Playstation 4 version of this game, I don’t know that I would have ever gone back to my old console and played this game again. Grand Theft Auto V still stays in my game rotation years later.Grand Theft Auto V_20141117000416

Batman: Return to Arkham: I’m a huge batman fan and when Arkham Asylum was initial released I was ecstatic. Like Gears of War every time a new sequel was about to be released, I would go back and attempt to replay its predecessors. I purchased the Return to Arkham last week after it was released and Have once again enjoyed reliving the story. However only time will tell if I make it through both remasters. Something tells me that I will, over the years, come back to them again.batman-blog-1

Halo Master Chief Collection: Halo… So I may get a lot of hate for this, but I never got into it. Halo originally was released with the original Xbox, which I refused to get because of the controller setup. I wasn’t onboard with Halo in the beginning, and just still haven’t been able to get into the story. I do enjoy the multiplayer and have bought the remasters, but have never really dove deep into them. Believe me I’ve tried to play the remastered first Halo, and just can’t stay in it. This one collects dust, not because it’s a bad remaster, but because I have never been too into it.halo-blog-1

God of War 3: Another series that I have gone back to and played numerous times, especially with a new release coming. After its remastered release on PS4, I did make it all the way through the game another time. But only the one. But due to my love for this game and Greek mythology, it’s only a matter of time before I come back to it.god-of-war-blog-1

Here’s a few remasters that are coming that are on my radar:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: So I’ve attempted to play the original version, only to quickly lose interest. I’ve never been a big RPG player and this may have been a big part of it. I originally tried it out years after its initial release and no one else I was gaming with was really playing it, so it wasn’t a hot topic of discussion. Since then I’ve played the Witcher 3, which is an RPG, and LOVED it. I’d like to give this highly rated RPG another chance with this remaster. I plan on getting it upon release and seeing what I missed on my first attempt.skyrim-blog-1

Modern Warfare: Remastered: Modern warfare, one of my favorite series. MW had such a great story for the single player and revolutionary multiplayer. I was so addicted to this games multiplayer that I was one of those prestige 10 guys. I really look forward to this games remaster, all 50 plus gigs of it. And honestly this remaster is the only reason I will be purchasing Infinite warfare.  I think this remaster will outweigh Call of Duty’s newest installment. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Call of Duty, PLEASE stop making sci-fi shooters, and return to military

In closing I think remasters are a great thing. Just be sure it’s a game that you are passionate about and love. Don’t buy every remaster just because it’s available. If you do this, it’ll just collect dust. Go for the remasters that you have already had a history of replaying, or have played non-stop when you did play the original. For me these were Gears of war, God or War, Batman: Arkham Asylum/City, and GTAV. These games were tried and true to me and their remasters have also been. I’d love to hear from the readers. What are your favorite remasters, and which ones have just sat on a shelf or taken up much needed hard drive space?

Demonik Drone signing out. Game on!

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