Evolving predictions of GoTY nominees 2017

Game of the year 2017 Nominees

I’d like to cover what I believe to be the top candidates for game of the year 2017. As games come out this list has the potential to change and to evolve. These selections are from what I have seen, heard and/or experienced this year. Also seeing as how many of these are games that I have not played or have not yet had the opportunity to play, I am also basing these choices off of reception, anticipation and popularity.

Horizon Zero Dawn:


I have had the opportunity to play Horizon, and it is a BEAUTIFUL game. Although it is a little less likely for a game that is only released on one platform to obtain the award of game of the year. I feel Horizon: Zero Dawn has the potential to make this achievement and be named game of the year 2017. Aside from the beauty of the graphics, the story is so engaging and has you locked in trying to get answers to all the questions that the game leaves you. At first glance it looks like it’s a mash up of so many other games but Horizon takes so many aspects from different games and makes them its own. This game could easily be PlayStation’s biggest future IP.

Final Fantasy XV:


I have not played Final Fantasy.  It is not my type of game and I honestly have never been one to play final fantasy. However, I know this game was very anticipated and on release it had very good fan reception. From what I’ve heard the gameplay has changed a lot from previous Final Fantasy games and it is for the better. Visually, Final Fantasy has always been a very boatful franchise visually and this does not change with the latest game. With this latest installment, Final fantasy has the chance to be GoTY.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild:


Breath of the Wild. One of Nintendo’s most anticipated games in years. With it’s massive open world, gameplay, and art style this game is guaranteed to be up there. Breath of the wild was Nintendo’s biggest IP to release with their newest console, the Switch, and It clearly helped them sell units. Without this game Nintendo’s newest console could have easily been lost, due to lack of other content. Deuce Drone and Prodigy Drone were extremely close to purchasing a Switch this year mainly for this game. Breath of the Wild brought the switch out of the gate with a great start, and received great reviews from all around the internet.

Middle Earth Shadow of war:


Alright I know this game was just recently announced and there hasn’t been much shown of it but being a sequel to a previous game of the year, Shadow of Mordor, I could easily see this game as a contender this upcoming year. The original Middle-Earth game had such great gameplay and mechanics that if they have properly built on what they already had. Shadow of War could be a massive game. From what has been shown, it looks like The nemesis system that made the original so unique will only be better. The developer promises no 2 experiences will be the same, because of the nemesis system. Just basing it off what I’ve seen thus far and what I know Monolith is capable of from their previous installment. I feel this game could take the title again.

Resident Evil VII


Resident Evil has taken their franchise a new route with Resident Evil VII. This change could be exactly what the franchise needed. The reception of RE7 has been huge. This game is one of the first extensive, full length , AAA games with VR support. There just seems to be such huge leaps in the gameplay style, story, and peripheral support that went into this game that there is something for everyone. So much has been changed from the route the franchise was going and now with this whole different direction, we could see more of this style resident evil game for years to come.



Not entirely sure this game is the caliber of a GoTY, however, I think if it is done right, It may have a chance to at least be a nominee. From what I’ve seen on this game so far it seems to be a very innovative game. I mean look, you can turn yourself into a CUP to reach different areas. The weapons and abilities that have been shown off by this game this far seem to be very imaginative. Weapons seem like they aren’t just for killing but for many other imaginative uses. Like using their Gloo Gun to build you a path to an elevated area. Prey seems like a different, yet familiar shooter. This game could get big if fan reception is good.  I think there could be many more Prey Games in the Future.

This is my current list of contenders for game of the year 2017. If you feel there’s something that deserves to be on this list that I’ve left out please bring it up and we’ll discuss it. My mind is not locked into these choices and this list can and more than likely will be changed as the year progresses. Game of the year awards aren’t for many months to come so let’s talk about it and see how it looks by the time the awards come around. Game On!

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